// LOVE - by Rash Ferguson //

Love is the only constant.

Things change,

People change,

Jobs change,

Circumstances change,

Friends change,

Life changes,

But Love,

remains the same.

When I think about Love, I don’t think about the twisted abstract form of it, commercialised by a consumerist generation. I think about something pure, Something true, something that’s a struggle to perceive or understand.

In fact, I don’t really “think” about it much at all.

I feel it.

It’s almost haunting, but at the same time enchanting.

It calms me. It comforts me. It affirms my individuality. It allows me to rest in who I am, but more importantly,

In who, it, is.

Love is constant, consistent, pure, holy, unchanging, selfless, majestic and transcends human understanding, Yet it allows itself to be discovered by humanity, in humility and grace.

If there was ever a reason to believe in something, Believe in Love, For it illuminates itself and at the same time, illuminates all who choose to anchor themselves to it.

By Rash Ferguson 26 Dec 2011